My Identity


Sometimes I forget who I am.  No, I don’t forget my physical identity, but I do forget my spiritual identity.  I get so caught up in the everyday routines, struggles, trials, and busyness of life that I forget I am more than what I see in the mirror.  I’m more than what this world wants me to think.  I am more.  Here’s a list from Ephesians chapter 1 as a reminder that…

  • God loves you  (1:4)
  • God chose you (1:4)
  • God adopted you into His family (1:5)
  • God bought you freedom (1:7)
  • God showers you with kindness (1:8)
  • God showers you with wisdom (1:8)
  • God showers you with understanding (1:8)
  • God unites you with Christ (1:11)
  • God guarantees your place with Him (1:14)
  • God gives you confident hope (1:18)
  • God encourages you (1:19)

As someone who is loved by God, chosen by God, adopted by God, freed by God, and covered continually with God’s kindness, wisdom, and understanding, never forget that you are one with Christ, the Son of God, and you have a place with God forever.  There is so much more to my life than what I see.  I am a child of God Most High.  That gives me confidence to live for Him.  To live differently, sound differently, set goals differently, not for my own glory but for the Glory of my Father.

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