The Saturday No one Believed


Scripture doesn’t give us much of a picture of the Saturday between Jesus’ death and resurrection.  On that Saturday, we learn that, even though Jesus was dead and in the grave, the Jewish leaders were still concerned, so they asked Pilate to post guards at the tomb to keep the disciples from stealing the body.  The women followers of Jesus go out and buy the spices needed to finish the burial of Jesus.  There is no mention of the disciples at all.

What must it have been like for them?  Their friend and spiritual leader had been taken, beaten and killed.  One of their own had betrayed him.  The Jewish leaders had plotted against Jesus and pushed for his death.  The Roman government had sanctioned and carried out the execution.  And now he was gone.  Dead and buried.

Just a few days earlier they had seen Jesus hailed as a king, and now he was in a tomb.  Were they next?  What now?  Where do they go?  What were they to do?  As Peter had learned, everyone knew they followed Jesus.  As Peter himself exclaimed, they had left everything for him.  And now he was gone and so were all their hope for the future.  All their plans.  All their hopes.  All of it was lying in a tomb.  And they did not expect any of that to change.  Where was God now?

But while the disciples were hiding, the guards were watching, the women were preparing, and the leaders were worrying, God was working and all creation was waiting.  Everything was about to change.

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