I’ve recently finished watching a documentary series on the 1970’s.  Being a child of the 70’s, I remember bits and pieces  of the decade.  Mainly, I remembered the TV shows and, of course, the most important movie of the decade (“Star Wars”).  Through what I learned in school and being a history buff, I remember the major events of the time period: Watergate and Nixon, Vietnam, the Iran hostage crisis, and the gas crisis.  What was phenomenal  in watching the documentary was seeing how much the world changed in just 10 years.

But then, as I reflect just on the years I’ve been an adult, I’ve watched as our society has completely changed.  What was once unusual, unheard of, or just plain immoral is now considered the norm.  Families have changed.  Schools have changed.  Governments have changed.  Countries have changed.  Wars have changed.  Even churches have changed.  And, as I look to the future, I wonder just how much more things will change as my children grow into adulthood.  What will the world look like?  Where will we be morally, spiritually, societally?  What challenges will my children face as Christ-followers?

In the midst of all the changes in the past and in the present and in the future, there is one constant.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

Think about that for a moment.  Jesus, the Creator, Sustainer, Comforter, Forgiver, Savior, Peace-maker, Life-giver, Lord of lords and King of kings, is the same.  He never changes.  He is the same today as he was 2,000 years ago when he was forgiving the unforgivable, loving the unlovable, and bringing peace with God to all who trust in Him.  And He will be the same tomorrow, ten years from now, fifty years from now, and into eternity.

One of the most important things I can do as a parent is to teach my children about Jesus, the One who never changes.  I need to share this with my family, with my neighbors, with my friends.  They can always trust in Him.  They can always believe Him.  His love never fades with time or circumstances.  His forgiveness never changes.  His presence never lessens.  He always is and will always be on their side, no matter the circumstances.

Circumstances change.  Jesus doesn’t.

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