Lessons from the Pets

This may seem like a weird way to start a blog site when you consider writing a blog takes time and effort and adds to the (normally full) to-do list.  But, I’m going to write about it anyway.

My family’s life is the normal busy.  School and work in the mornings, kids activities in the afternoon and evening, church small group and kids activities on Wednesday nights (after dance and swim), Thursday nights and Fridays with Net’s grandmother and then we hit the weekend.  We try and cram as much into a Saturday as we can because they are the only day we have to get things done around the house or with the cars or buy groceries, etc.  And Sundays are Sundays.  Church in the morning, neighborhood Bible club in the afternoon and then we get ready for the week ahead.

Sometimes it’s just good to hit the “Pause” button.  This morning, on a Saturday morning, I find myself in a unique position.  I don’t have anything I am rushing to do.  Sure, there are plenty of things I “could” be doing.  I’m not.  Instead, I’m sitting on my bed (which is unusual), with a sleeping dog and a sleeping cat as my companions.  I’ve got a ton of stuff running through my head of what I “should” or “could” be doing.  But I have been inspired by my sleeping pets.  You see, they don’t have to be taught to pause.  Stopping and resting is as natural to them as breathing and eating and playing.  It’s ingrained in who they are.  So, today, for just a little while, I’ve hit the “Pause” button.  The kids are watching movies.  I’m reading a book.  The pets are resting.  Net is relaxing.  And it feels good.  It feels natural.  I’m not as stressed.  I actually feel peace.

In Scripture, God commands us to Pause.  It’s one of the Ten Commandments.  It’s as important as not killing someone and not worshipping idols.  Why we forget that, I don’t know.  Why we push and push and push, I don’t quite understand.

So, take some time to Pause.  One of my intentions for 2017 is to NOT fill in every minute of every day.  I’m going to encourage my family to intentionally carve out space in our week to Pause and enjoy some downtime.  Watch a movie.  Read a book.  Take a nap.  Play a game.  Go on a hike.  Walk the dog.  Pet the cat.  Pause and enjoy.


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